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Какой экономист вам импонирует больше всего?

Which modern blogging platform to use if you are interested in monetization

Новости экономики

altDigital content is sold, monetized, brings benefits and social status to people. There are many platforms where you can post content. Usiic is a young project.

The creators position it as an international platform for information exchange, communication and promotion, Universal social international information community. A small payment (1-5 dollars) is received for every thousand views on your post. Content must be unique.

Main functionality

It is proposed to publish an article or create a community.

The post can be fully formatted - with illustrations, lists, tables, text highlighting, subheadings, interactive table of contents and links to other resources or articles within Usiic. You can add tags so that the post falls into certain categories. Before publication, posts are moderated, and after approval and publication, the author can share the post on popular social networks - Twitter, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki.

In order to post your content, or at least see the post creation tools, you will need to register. Of the real data, the site only requests email. You will also need to pass a captcha. To start using monetization, you will need your wallet/card details. You can use your Google or Facebook profile to sign in to the site.

A comment form is attached to the entries. To correct, you will have to specify your email, but you can read the discussion from the guest mode. There is filtering: the user can view the most recent, most popular answers, go to the most active thread of the conversation.

Each comment can be marked positively or negatively. Posts also have ratings.

More about the platform

The user can configure groups to be displayed alphabetically, by most members, most recently active, or created date (newest first).

In addition to the tape of records, you can view precisely the standard categories of media: photos, videos, audio files and documents.

In the "Activity" tab, there are even more opportunities. In addition to the standard media filter, it offers to view user statuses and quotes, reposts, updates, gifs and slideshows, covers, posts and comments, information about adding users to friends and groups.

You can go to the participant's profile, see his activity statistics, media and publications, as well as friends and what the user decided to tell in the "about himself" tab.

The design of the site is as simple as possible, but intuitive and adaptive (interface elements are correctly displayed on various devices, there is a version for mobile devices and for a computer).

Visually, the design is not annoying, clear infographics, color highlighting of blocks and elements helps perception. The current date and day of the week are displayed on the screen. English language.