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Which projects are included in the category of construction in progress

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In the world of construction and project management, understanding the concept of "construction in progress" is the key to successful financial planning and management.

WIP refers to projects that are under development or ongoing at the moment. This important concept includes not only the work that has already been completed, but also those that have yet to be completed. Let's look at this aspect in more detail.

What does the WIP include?

Construction work in progress includes all the work and costs associated with an ongoing construction project that has not yet been completed. This covers all stages of construction, from project planning and development to completion of construction work. This includes both human resources and material resources.

Understanding the WIP is important for effective management of construction projects for the following reasons:

  1. Financial planning- knowing the cost of the WIP helps to determine the total cost of the project and make a budget for its completion;
  2. Resource management-understanding what work still needs to be done allows you to effectively plan and allocate resources, including labor and material resources;
  3. Project Progress assessment- WIP is an important indicator for assessing the progress of a construction project and its compliance with pre-established plans and schedules.

Using WIP in Project management

The calculation of the WIP usually involves the use of the WIP indicator, which represents the cost of all work in progress at a particular time. This indicator allows construction companies to assess the current state of the project and its financial implications. Using the WIP indicator enables companies to accurately assess their current financial situation and make informed decisions to achieve success in construction.